The Window to Your End.

How do you choose to live your life?

Sezai Burak Kantarcı
2 min readMar 25, 2024
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In 1871, Mark Twain ended a letter he wrote to a friend with the following sentence.

Forgive the length of the letter. If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter one.

He had a unique handwriting, that’s for sure. (Source: Special Collections — University of Arizona)

You’ve probably heard this story before, and when you heard it, you even interpreted it with an experience from your own life.

- “Oh, I know how that feels like.”

So why would I told you this story, again?

Think of your favorite music group.

They have that one legendary concert that you are proud to be a witness of.

You know what I’m talking about.

Somehow, everything worked out that evening.

The song is the same song, people on stage are familiar, and instruments certainly did not change overnight.

But that recording is almost perfect.


Maybe the best intro for Nothing Else Matters.

But that’s not the only point I want to focus on.

Just because things are getting done in the world, is not a reason for you to not try.

A trap I’ve fallen into in the past.

And this is my attempt to save you the trouble.

Whatever you are interested in, there will be people who have been interested in it for longer than you.

And quite possibly, they’ll be more knowledgeable.

However, the one who will always be with you throughout your life, is yourself.

What abilities should that person have? What should s/he be able to do?

Here is the biggest question:

If a window opened right now, to show your 80 years old self, what would make you happy to see?

Instead of how you perceive others around you, or what the environment expects from you, what if you had this your-80-year-old-showing window as your compass?

In my experience, this brings order to the relentless chaos in life.

Because it synchronizes you with your ideal.

Let’s have a week where we don’t move away from our window.

Take care.