How to deal with Stress - Once and for All

A life lesson; 3 step process can be applied by anyone.

Sezai Burak Kantarcı
3 min readNov 20, 2022
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Spotify has an entire playlist called “Stress Relief”. I wonder what that even means. There might be some good tunes there but, does it really “relieves” the stress?

Calm your mind with gentle piano and ambient music. 😅 (Source: Spotify)

On reddit, one of the most upvoted questions was, “Redditors, what healthy ways do you deal with stress?”. Some well thought answers were written alongside with full load of escapism stuff.

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After reading a lot of comments on how people approached the question, I felt like there was a lot of confusion around the topic.

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People are just practicing not being courageous. Without even realizing it. The danger with that approach is that, how stress effects to them will not change in the life of that person, ever.

So I decided to make the most simple formula that I can.

That way, as a human, I never shy away from stress too.

1. Write it down. As precise as you can.

Our minds can easily trick us to run and hide from problems, with a very suitable environment we live in. Especially with social media, you can get into an infinite consuming loop within seconds.

A simple way to get started is to write down what causes stress. What is the reason that you are having this reaction to the situation. Here’s a template:

“I am currently stressed out, because of …”

It does not have to be complicated.

Use the most basic language that you can.

If you cannot do this, you are rather choosing to stay in the place you are with your actions; whatever you might say you are believing.

2. Think about it, like if was somebody else’s situation.

This helps you jump to a frame that’s bigger than your current one. Helps you ask some questions based on reality (the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them).

Why does this situation making you stressed?

What are the shadowed areas that you can shed a bit light on?

Have you taken the time to think from the perspective that other people are involved?

At this point, you have bunch of questions to answer. Which may contribute to a way forward.

3. Take a tiny step towards what may constitute from chaos to order.

With some actionable steps you have, based on the answers you’ll have on step two; now you have a road.

You can walk it at the pace you want. Knowing that your stress will disappear along the way. Because you’ll believe that you now have the probability to solve the situation within your favor.


In one sentence, define & write exactly what’s making you stressed, ask questions based on reality (as if someone else was in your situation) and take a step.

Hopefully this will simplify the process for you.

Keep writing. Keep sharing.

Keep being in a state where you are producing more than you are consuming.

Take care.