Experimenting with Construction Work

How Tim Cook broaden my perspective.

Sezai Burak Kantarcı
3 min readJul 3, 2022
(Source: CNET)

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, gave a speech at Stanford University, 14 years after Steve’s.

“In other words, whatever you do with your life, be a builder.”

If we heard it from even Tim, it’s time to change industries. (Source: Giphy)

No no no, you don’t need to find the closest supply store to get some cement and a ladder, as I think he meant something bigger than real estate.

What about, we discuss the most basic construction that everyone can attend.

Building ourselves.

Although that’s a pretty big word, and sounds really cool when you say it. What exactly is the meaning after it? How exactly can we approach the problem?

How about by Knowing yourself.

“Great, how can we do that?”

Writing daily.

Let’s pick the small piece we have, to even smaller pieces. With 3 bullet points.

1. Weirdness

When you open a fresh page in front of you, you might not know what to write.

What am I even gonna write on this?

This part is where you don’t listen to your brain and listen to your heart, at initialization.

What made you happy that day? What is something you listened and thought it was valuable? What made you feel angry, afraid, nervous & what made you feel encouraged, joyful and grateful.

And please, please, please.

Do not fall into the trap of “This is not worthy enough to write”.

Every single thing is worthy to write because you are unique and your thought and feelings are irreplaceable at any given time.

Turning back and reading it will make you feel so good.

I promise.

(Source: Me 😊)

2. Choosing to stay in the dark instead of light

Last week we talked about how implementing the best plan you have at hand mattered through the eyes of Jordan Peterson.

So, when you make a plan and decide to stick to it, you gotta get into a feedback loop, almost immediately.

Writing daily is a great habit that synchronizes with this aim but, here comes the scary part.

You gotta face with the reality, that your moves are literally baby steps in the road on top of a mountain.

So people do not want to do that. They rather sit in dark. They rather not know.

This is called willful blindness.

Here is the problem with it. It might feel good cutting a corner in a given day but in the long run it is not a good strategy.

Because if we sit in willful blindness, nothing will change.

And that’s that.

(Source: Me, Again 😊)

3. Awareness

I feel like, the best thing that journaling will into your life is awareness.

Individuals with enhanced awareness can better understand the underlying causes of their own feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

You will find out about your strengths, your vulnerabilities, your mind.

This might be the best way to increase your emotional intelligence.

Your quality of life will improve. Your inner peace enriched. You’ll encounter something greater than your dreams.

Gotta stay aware 🤔 (Source: DailyMail)

It takes courage to be on this path. It takes getting outside of your comfort zone. I guarantee you, it will be worth it.

A notebook and a pen.

Just do it.

Sincerely, Sezai.