A Delicious Recipe

But it’s not made with edibles.

Wonder what he is doodling about 👀 (Source: verywellmind)
White Chocolate Malteser Cheesecake? Yes please. 😋(Source: bestrecipes)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The good old days for Aaron. (Spoiler alert — this is a fallacy too.) (Source: cloudinary)

STOPP Technique

The STOPP technique makes space to think between a situation occurring and our reaction to it.


Gotta stop somewhere. 😅 (Source: reddit)

T - Take a Breath

Love it. (Source: giphy)

O - Observe

What really is going on? (Source: giphy)

P - Pull Back

(Source: giphy)

P - Practice

As always ⚓(Source: giphy)



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